Split Revenues & Forever Royalties
Sharing royalty and revenue payments among many wallets


One of Mintbase's most powerful features is that you can split the revenue and royalties with up to 50 people, on one NFT.
You can also further customize revenue splits by adding additional NEAR accounts to every NFT minted in your store by default.
The video below talks about the royalty and revenue percentage split and how you can customize them on Mintbase.io

Forever Royalties

When entering this on the minting side, think of this field as the folks who were part of the original creation of the asset. Maybe the writers, actors, producers, directors, music.... These are the folks who deserve funds every time the asset gets sold and resold through the whole life of the token. You can set up to 25 people to receive royalties, simply add "name.near" and the % percentage. If you don't set anything, the original creator will always receive 10%.
We do not believe in forcing anyone to payout on every transfer. If I want to transfer to my own other wallet for example a payout should not be in order. What we have are easy to implement standard in the NEP 171 that makes it easy for marketplaces to payout those deserving of a purchased item. It's up to the community to participate in marketplaces that support this easy to implement feature.

Split Revenues

This is a one time action and gets reset on every sale. These folks are maybe the marketers who will help sell the asset on launch.
We still need to add this on the resell on our UI, but the functionality is already set in the contracts and will be available for use in the future.

Default Split Royalties and Default Split Revenue

If you have an ongoing collaboration, you might want to add someone to every royalty and revenue split in the store by default. Simply go to "Create" -> "Settings" and in the bottom left, put their NEAR account under "Default Royalties " and "Default Split Revenue" plus how much of the % should go to it.
It will now appear as default for every minter that has access to your store.