We ship features faster than our roadmaps can keep up. Blockchain changes so rapidly, most roadmaps past a month become garbage. We prefer to ship features daily.

The big focus now is on...

As of July 27th 2021

  1. Widening our explorer for redeeming physical goods or services through burning / transfer NFTs

  2. Improving the auctions UI/UX (designer is on this now)

  3. Including outside Mintbase ecosystem NFT contracts in our markets

  4. Gamification of the market (store collaboration transaction volume will be the star)

  5. Increasing developer awareness of our tooling

  6. Search and algorithms to lift up purposeful content via decentralized moderation

  7. Integration with VR (transaction in meta worlds, on-chain still never done)

  8. Mintbase branding face lift

  9. DeFi ecosystem integrations (staking)

  10. Market filtering (latest auctions, best prices, most purposeful)

  11. Feeds page

  12. Notifications in emails to have NFT image in it

Done last month

  1. Accounts Overhaul: Removing required Twitter or email login and just replying on your NEAR

  2. Notifications for auctions (new offers, expiring offers)

  3. Store descriptions

  4. Increasing Storage

  5. Search Bar for all stores

  6. Speed up app

  7. 3xr VR Integrations