(Un) Delisting NFTs

How to programmatically delist NFTs from our marketplace
We are currently working on adding delisting token functionality to our suite of Launchpad features, however if you wish to (un)delist tokens from the Mintbase simple market contract you can do this programmatically as follows:
  1. 1.
    Export variables for near env (mainnet or testnet), your *.mintbase1.near contract address and account. Note the list of tokens must be a comma delimited list of strings wrapped in double quotes "".
$ export NEAR_ENV="mainnet"
$ export TOKEN_CONTRACT_ACCOUNT="example.mintbase1.near"
$ export OWNER_ACCCOUNT="myaccount.near"
$ export TOKENS_TO_UNLIST='"11","12"'
2. Run the following command (You will have to be authenticated as the OWNER_ACCOUNT for this to work)
near call unlist "{\"nft_contract_id\":\"${TOKEN_CONTRACT_ACCOUNT}\", \"token_ids\":[${TOKENS_TO_UNLIST}]}" --accountId=$TOKEN_CONTRACT_OWNER --depositYocto=1