Minting NFTs
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    Once you have deployed a store it's time to mint your NFTs.
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    Click your store name once it appears after confirmation and it will direct you to the creation page.
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    Press the Mint button in the top right.
On the minting interface, you can add metadata to your NFT. Read below the image what they mean.
Royalties: This is how much the NFT minter will get every time the NFT gets resold. If you leave the space empty, the original creator will automatically get 10%. Revenue: This is how much revenue the minter will get when the NFT is sold. You can share revenues amongst 20 different NEAR accounts, just add them by clicking "Add split". The creator will automatically get what is left from the split. Date: If NFTs are sold as tickets, enter a date. Media: Upload video content or songs. Keep in mind that we allow the following file types: audio/ogg, video/webm, video/mp4, audio/mpeg, audio/mp3, model/gltf-binary, model/gltf+json, application/octet-stream. Max file upload is currently 20MB. Document: Upload a license or a pfd document with your conditions. Location: Add a location on google maps. Website: Enter your website. Custom: Enter custom data. You can add custom data to enter more infos about the NFT, the project or yourself as can be seen below.
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Custom Data
Arweave Uploads
You are uploading several files including your packaged metadata data to a hybrid, decentralized network that is pretty new so expect some failures. Before listing you item wait about 10 minutes (time to mine the data) and click the "Transaction Id" on the thing page.
See more on Arweave here.
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