How to Bid on Mintbase

Rolling auction

We now support rolling auctions. That means that users can bid on NFTs of the same category at different prices. Each bid lasts for 24 hours, if it expires, the lister can no longer take it and the offerer can withdraw their bid.
Soon, we will have a nicer view to visualize the buying and selling sides, similar to the market view on exchanges.


You have 24 hours to accept a bid so keep checking. We will be adding notifications very soon to help you keep up to pace.

Buyers- Bidding

  • When you bid, you put your NEAR into escrow
  • When you outbid another, their funds are released from escrow
  • The owner of the listing can pull anytime within 24 hours of the offer
  • After an offer you placed expires, you can pull back your NEAR from escrow by pressing Withdraw
  • You can see every on chain transaction for the bidding by clicking the two arrows button