Wallet Connection and Transactions JS Library

Mintbase uses MintbaseJS for all of our transactions on both the market and minter including mint, transfer, burn, sell, buy, so if we can use it, so can you.

The best documentation to go off of is the typescript docs as this library will change rapidly. If something is broken please make sure you have the latest and run see if the type are matching. Please create issue on Github to help us make it better.

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⚠️⚠️ In active development ⚠️⚠️

This package is under active development. Expect breaking changes often.

Mintbase API

General purpose Mintbase API for interacting with NEAR, Arweave and other supported blockchains and decentralized file storage systems.

See the types documentation

Table of Contents

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$ npm install mintbase

Getting started

Initializing and Connecting Mintbase Wallet

  • Acquire an API key in the Developer tab on Mintbase

import { Wallet, Chain, Network } from 'mintbase'
// Connect and fetch details
async function connect() {
const { data: walletData, error } = await new Wallet().init({
networkName: Network.testnet,
chain: Chain.near,
apiKey: API_KEY,
const { wallet, isConnected } = walletData
if (isConnected) {
const { data: details } = await wallet.details()
accountId: "qwerty.testnet"
allowance: "0.25"
balance: "365.77"
contractName: "mintbase13.testnet"

Here's an example of a button to connect to the wallet.

<Button onClick={() => wallet.connect({ requestSignIn: true })}>Login</Button>


Bootstrap your app with Create Mintbase App (React + Typescript)


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