Get Thing Metadata

Step One, What's a Thing?

First it's important to understand what a Thing is vs a Token, read up on our data model.

Get the Thing ID

When you go to the thing page (Main overview of the asset), you can get the id in the URL right after thing/.....
Get The Metadata
If you want to use on testnet, check out the two base uris here.
Simply add the thingId to the end of ``
"thing": [
"id": "e6rzhF2xrWL3S_3YPMtZVw-yWuI1O_INDkwdSwGYo5k:zengin.mintbase1.near",
"memo": "music",
"metaId": "e6rzhF2xrWL3S_3YPMtZVw-yWuI1O_INDkwdSwGYo5k",
"storeId": "zengin.mintbase1.near",
"metadata": {
"title": "Transform love ",
"description": "LOVE",
"media": "",
"media_hash": "iQY43tOTj7jVsyKVRficOLDdOd7rxTBdD8VqKvEufQs",
"animation_hash": "-aaCXEZv4zmbL5l8SPQa0As7Au2LYGTf2YM0pKvPtak",
"animation_url": "",
"youtube_url": null,
"document": null,
"document_hash": null,
"extra": {
"external_url": "",
"category": "music",
"type": "NEP171",
"visibility": "safe",
"media_type": "image/jpeg",
"animation_type": "audio/mpeg",
"tags": {
"media_size": 40817,
"animation_size": 1767384
"tokens": [
"id": "64:zengin.mintbase1.near",
"ownerId": "kseniiashm.near"
"store": {
"baseUri": "",
"owner": "kseniiashm.near"
Pretty close to the OpenSea metadata standards, the animation_url is the song as we can see in the animation_type