Your own smart contract

A Store is Your Own NFT Smart Contract

A store is your own smart contract on the NEAR blockchain. This is the same concept as on our Ethereum side. Each store name is a subdomain of our NFT smart contract factory, currently mintbase1.near so a store name of soul4Space would be soul4Space.mintbase1.near.

See Store on Mintbase


Adding Minters

You can add minters (accounts, DAO's) to your smart contract just like other NFTs platforms verify their users, but you as the store owner are in control. Each store can act as as sort of DAO where eventually you can build your own website using our developer toolkit.

A Store is your API

Think of it as your own company and deploying a store is a set of unchanging functions that lives not on ours or your servers, but on the blockchain. You can deploy and manage as many stores as you want. You do not have to use the mintbase UI to interact with it.

Store Transactions

Every action on your store is free for anyone to see and can be observed on the NEAR block explorer (mint, sell, burn, transfer). Anyone can create a block explorer as all of this data is public and unchangeable.
NEAR Block Explorer