Listing NFTs
How to set a NFT for sale
After having minted your NFT, you can set it for sale.
In the Create tab, click on List button under the NFT you want to set for sale.
Create tab with an arrow showing the List button
Now you are in Listing page. Currently the only option is Simple Sale, we are actively developing Rolling Auction.
Listing page

Simple Sale

You set a fixed price and anyone can buy it.

Amount to list

This first input is the amount of tokens you wish to list. In the example above, the NFT has 5 tokens that you could list.
If you want, you could list each one at a different price, leaving "1" in this field, and making 5 listings.


Type the price in NEAR of your token (price of each one, if you were to list multiple at once).
That's it! After filling these 2 fields press Make Listing, sign the transaction in the NEAR interface and you will see a success page. After that, your listing will be visible in the Marketplace.


Today we don't have a feature to unlist a token. If you do a new listing of a token that is already listed, it will override the old listing.
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Simple Sale