File Limits

Multiple Uploads Explained

When minting we enable you to upload multiple files. Each application outside of Mintbase (VR, gaming, e-commerce) can reference these to do what the need. All of these assets can be duplicated yes, but that';s not the point of an NFT, the true aha is the token and the token owner. All the assets combined to one tamper-proof metedata lock is to orientate the potential buyer of the value. ex: My 3D sword gives me an actual sward to play with in a game.

Main Default Image: 30MB

This is what most wallets and a defi apps will use. Try to aim to keep this small 60kb-250kb is best. IMages you are creating a website and want to show 20 of theses on your page. We see this as being the window into the deeper meaning of the assets. Like a thumbnail for a Netflix movie.
image/jpeg, image/gif, image/png,

Media: 30MB

If you want to show off a 3D sward or load up the actualy move to watch this is the spot
audio/ogg, video/webm, video/mp4, audio/mpeg, audio/mp3, model/gltf-binary, model/gltf+json, application/octet-stream

Document: 30MB

We see this as being great fo licenses explaining what exactly the owner of the asset gets.


    Owner may use sound / code / image for commercial use
    House deed documentation (One day we swear 🐘)
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